Project GoMe

Solving Health Through a Child's Eyes

Our Story


In 2006, Braxton’s great grandfather passed away due to complications from Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma.  The great grandfather was known for his positive approach to life as well as living out his values.

A Silent Voice 

When you fast-forward, our son, Braxton, was born in 2010.  From a caregiver’s perspective, the anticipation of your first child includes the gift of life and a positive bundle of joy.  When Braxton arrived, our care team discovered a severe brain hemorrhage.  Braxton had no voice to communicate the chaos taking place, the pain or the ability to ask for help.  At the same instance, my wife was experiencing her own recovery, feelings and disbelief.  As a father and caregiver, was shocked.  When my wife and I looked at each other, this was reality – not a dream.

This was how we started down the journey called “ProjectGoMe.”  Our lives transformed and changed course over night.  We are thankful to live in a place called Raleigh, NC.  A region known for its open source ways, along with a wealth of caring health professionals, universities, Durham “City of Medicine,” health IT and clinical research. The  list goes on…

We are grateful for medical research, education and  community who brought us through each situation.

When facing life challenges, we had to figure out the best way to navigate our lives.  For me the only way forward was to keep telling the story, one handshake after another.  An old school method, which brought many other gifts, challenges and failures.

Although never having met his great grandfather, and generations apart, we see “Pap’s” spirit living through Braxton’s amazing ability to bring people together, his enthusiasm for life, and his sensitive nature.

Why ProjectGoMe?                                                                                                                 

ProjectGoMe was born from our son’s spirit and perseverance after achieving his first steps.  Our goal was to walk along side others, aka “Walk with Me.”  In our journey, we trained ourselves to listen and never say you walk in their shoes.

In ICUs all over the world, you are faced with starts, stops, new beginnings and death.  Everyday an ICU staff faces a start-up mentality.  Life is to fragile, whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of life.

Our communities, health and spirit are vital to our existence. We look forward to sharing more with you!